55 Mysterious Gifts Nobody Would Think Of

May 2023's Best Selling Gadgets On Sale

Our editor has been showcasing tech innovations online for 19 years. His research revealed one gadget that sold 7 million total units. Several other picks are media sensations. On the top of this page, see May 2023’s best selling gadgets. The bottom of the page has the newest items. And, a popular product on this page makes your shoes supportive and comfortable.


. A low cost "stick" finds all of your photos and saves them


The stick will do a complete photo and video scan to find all of your photos. In a click (or a tap), you can back up every single photo and video on your computer or smartphone. It works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices! Help free up space for more photos and videos – plus avoid a tragic accident such as a lost phone!

By getting your photos onto this PhotoStick, you can bring it right into a printing store. They'll be able to print you a quality version of each photo you'd like.

This is the only product we've seen of its kind to save up to 60,000 photos and videos without being tech-savvy.

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. Look inside your body with this scale (it's addicting)


It's hard to manage weight at home. At home, you never know why your weight goes up or down. But, KoreScale is the smartest scale we've tested.

Step on to it with bare feet. It will use 4 precision sensors to scan and analyze your entire body. Then, see 14 important health metrics. You're now measuring, tracking, and seeing health trends in real time. This includes your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels, and more. This BIA technology is the closest to taking a free physical exam at home – we've seen.

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. New rule let's you get these special hearing aids for less than $100


Audien is the world’s first wireless charging hearing aids for less than $100.

Not only are these state-of-the-art hearing devices perfectly suited for mild to moderate hearing loss, they’re also incredibly easy to use (just pop them in!) and last for a full day on a single charge. Best of all, they’re designed to disappear into your ears... so nobody has to know you’re using them! Audien's hearing aids have been featured on Forbes and Senior Living.

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. This amazing drone brings aerial technology to another level


The QuadAir Drone is the world’s first high-end drone at an affordable price. While the average drone costs $600, the QuadAir Drone is 6x cheaper. Widely regarded as one of 2022's most incredible inventions, the QuadAir Drone might be one of the best kept secrets among social media influencers. It's foldable, lightweight and easy to carry. You can let it follow you automatically or take full control to create dream shots.

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. Australian-made device cleans your lungs and increases lung capacity (great for asthma & viruses)


If you want to support your lungs, AirPhysio could be your new best friend. This certified FDA class two medical device uses a unique method to loosen the phlegm in your chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days. It's completely safe. Hospitals have used the same technology for years, but now it's available for personal use. It's great for athletes and relieving symptoms of viruses as well.

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. Total relaxation in just 10 minutes


Sitting at the computer or texting with the wrong posture may be hurting your neck. NeckMassager works by relieving tension in your neck muscles by combining the powers of warm compress techniques and 4 distinctive massage modes, promoting pain relief and relaxation, which in turn can help reduce stress. All you need to do is wrap it around your neck and in minutes, your pain may begin melting away, giving you the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

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. World's most advanced golf tee (it's a must-have for golfers!)

Flightpath Golf Tee

This unique golf tee can add 10-20% to your golf drive. In fact, Maurice Allen 2018 World long drive champion actually won the 2018 title using the Flightpath Golf Tees. FlightPath tees conform to USGA rules, so they’re even tournament legal. Also, this patented golf tee is nearly unbreakable and gives you laser-like accuracy.

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. Light up your home outlets with this simple upgrade


This is perfect for anyone who wants to add a high-end lighting look for your home, with safety in mind. Never stumble in the dark again. Installation is easy, anyone can do it in minutes.

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. This handheld device “tells” your brain it’s time to sleep


If you suffer from anxiety and trouble sleeping, this new sleep aid helps you fall asleep completely naturally, is non-addictive, and actually works better the longer you use it. Instead of pumping your body with drugs, it uses a gentle and proven technique called “Electrotherapy” to train your brain to sleep better over time. This method balances your brain’s neurochemicals by delivering pulses of low-intensity currents to your body.

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. Battery-powered pump inflates tires on cars and bikes without cords or manual pumping


This device is very helpful if you have a flat tire or low air. Low tire pressure happens to everyone. You no longer need a bicycle pump or to stop at gas stations for air. A major problem with gas stations is that you may end up with over or underinflated tires. This mistake can be dangerous, cost you more in gas, and force you to replace your tires frequently.

This device adds air to your tires until it matches the correct PSI. So you could set 35 PSI for cars or 120 PSI for bike tires. It's also rechargeable and portable. The AirMoto easily fits in your backpack or glovebox and pumps tires to full without needing an outlet. Also, always be able to see in the dark with AirMoto's emergency light.

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. If your phone gets hot while charging, dump your charger (and get this immediately)


This new Silicon Valley startup has developed a new type of charger that simultaneously charges 4 separate devices up to 4x faster - all from one outlet!

Its “Smart Integrated Circuit (IT)-Technology” protects your devices from overheating, overcharging, extreme voltage, or short circuiting.

So if you value your phone’s health, it’s time to make the upgrade (and ditch the factory charger for good).

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. Makes hair removal easy and painless


Do you want silky-smooth skin but are tired of the razor cuts? Traditional razors and waxing are painful and lasers are too expensive. You need (and deserve!) an easier way to remove unwanted hair. With the Bleame™ Crystal Hair Eraser, you can quickly and easily remove unwanted hair. Bleame™ also gently exfoliates dead skin cells completely pain-free. And it is eco-friendly, reusable, and great for the environment.

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. How these pillowcases give you a healthy-look when you wake up


Have you ever wondered why you look so rough first thing in the morning? Chances are, it has a lot to do with the quality of your pillowcase. Cotton is a porous material that causes fiction when you rub against it. It dries out your hair and pores, traps bacteria, and occasionally leaves you with creases on your face.

Blissy pillowcases are ultra-soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and resist absorption. It is made from the 100% pure mulberry silk to give you better sleep and a healthier appearance.

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. Make you feet look and feel amazing in under 90 minutes


If your feet are chalky, calloused, cracked, or covered in dry skin, then you really ought to do something about it. Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for regular pedicures any more… now we have The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS. This chemical-free, all-natural foot peel mask can transform your cracks and calluses into baby-soft feet — and all you have to do is relax on the couch for 90 minutes, then peel off the dead skin (which is WAY more fun and painless than it sounds). Your feet will thank you!

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. Want to fall sleep 2.5 times faster? Get this


Struggling with racing thoughts at night? Here's a technique to stop them, naturally. Get lulled into a deep peaceful sleep with Dodow. It is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns. It is essentially combining yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy. This makes it the safe way to effortlessly fall asleep. Using Dodow is so effective, customers report... “falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends” and after a few months “not needing Dodow to fall asleep anymore.”

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. Keeps glasses crystal clear without a cloth


Dirty eyeglasses are distracting and frustrating, but traditional cleaners have two major problems.

First, traditional cleaning products requires specific sprays and may damage lenses. Chemicals in sprays and disposable wipes can ruin the anti-reflective or blue light coatings on your lenses. Secondly, 95% of eyeglasses tested were contaminated with high levels of bacteria – which can end up irritating or infecting your eyes.

Here's what 20,000 optometrists trust instead. This simple tool is antimicrobial, cleans glasses, and now it's available to consumers too. It removes dust, abrasive particles, oil, and fingerprints instead of smearing like cloths and sprays. This patented invisible carbon formula is safe on lenses and used by NASA on the Space Station and by the Military.

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. Why many are snapping up this $89.99 mini air cooler


This is one the most expensive products we've listed, but this product can save you money. ChillWell is the perfect desk buddy during hot days at home or at the office. It’s a compact, portable, and powerful air cooling unit. Equipped with replaceable cooling cartridges, ChillWell can cool you down and double as a humidifier. It also has 4 fan speeds to suit every need, lighting, and operates with minimal noise.

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. One "pineapple grenade" washes your clothes 200+ times – and it's cheap and natural


Do not buy more laundry detergent. Get 200+ loads of laundry with this one "pineapple grenade." It's a simple product that stays in your washing machine. When water runs through it, it uses its nano silver infused ceramic beads. This is antimicrobial, and it kills odors.

Traditional detergents contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can burn the skin, provoke allergic reactions, and seep into your septic tank or the environment. This option may be gentler on you and your clothes.

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. Helps you breathe easier in seconds


Do you snore? Chances are you have a nasal obstruction. Nasal obstructions can lead to sleep apnea, decreased blood oxygen levels, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. There's this little innovation that's practically invisible and very comfortable. The Hale breathing aid quickly expands your nostrils, allowing you to breathe easier and sleep better. Its unique shape gently expands your nostrils. Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and alert with the Hale breathing aid!

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. Dentaly calls this: "the Apple of teeth whitening"


Nothing’s a bigger confidence booster than bright, white teeth. But going to the dentist is expensive (goodbye $600) and teeth whitening strips don’t actually whiten — but this kit does. This proprietary advanced teeth whitening system uses award-winning LED activating technology to offer professional results for as little as $1.50 per treatment. The best part: You can get about 75 whitening sessions out of one kit.

Take just 9 minutes a day to get a white smile. It’s easy — just brush your teeth, apply the proprietary teeth whitening gel, and let the USB-powered mouthpiece work its magic, while you catch up on your shows, work, whatever. Rinse, and you’re well on your way to a brighter smile.

The Snow at Home Teeth Whitening System is also safe for braces, bridges, crowns, caps, and veneers. If any piece in our home teeth whitening kit fails to do its job, they’ll replace it for free (5 year warranty).

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. A compact fire extinguisher that you'll actually use in an emergency


Fire extinguishers are a great idea in theory… but in practice, they often fall short. If a fire breaks out, you want to be prepared! That’s why so many people are adding StaySafe to their emergency kits — the fire extinguisher that’s designed to be used by anyone because it’s so easy, safe, and effective. Not only is it lighter, more affordable, and FAR less complicated (just press the button!), it’s also capable of eliminating all 5 types of common household fires. Every home, office, school and car should be equipped with one!

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. Innovative pet trainer corrects bad behavior


Dogs want to please us and make us happy, but sometimes they don't understand what they should and should not do. It can be challenging and embarassing dealing with unwanted behaviors. Training is the best way to stop bad behavior and encourage the good, but it isn't easy to communicate with our furry friends. That's where BarxBuddy can help. It allows you to give immediate feedback and helps your dog focus on the instructions. This is a simple and effective way to lead and guide your dog.

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. One simple "donut" stands up almost any device


GoDonut is the most universal and portable device stand ever built. It will work with your entire collection of mobile devices (with its case on or off), including your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Kindle Fire, and more! Monitor your phone, read recipes in the kitchen, and view your devices without having to hold them. It's an award-winning CES product, received praise by celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards, it’s made in the USA, and has sold over 500,000 units.

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. This sharp Japanese knife is taking over kitchens


This knife is heavier than average, but it's well balanced. It comes in a black box (that makes it look great as a gift). Inside the box, the knife is protected by a rigid plastic tip so the knife doesn't dull during shipment. While using the knife, it works wonderfully for dicing and mincing. It has a hole in the blade to keep your grip. This can improve safety and precision.

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. Keeps your microwave clean and get better tasting leftovers


Duo Cover is a one-of-a-kind microwave food cover that gives you better-tasting leftovers, a splatter-free microwave, and finger protection from hot dishes – all in one convenient device. Also, it steams your food using a unique knob. And, then it folds up and sticks to the top of your microwave. It’s convenient, uses zero plastic, and does wonders for your meals!

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. Strong WiFi coverage for large homes is now possible – Give your family the gift of strong WiFi coverage


Here's how to stop WiFi coverage problems. This new device, Omega WiFi Amp, fits in the palm of your hand but packs a giant boost of power. It increases the range of your WiFi and can boost speeds up to 300mbps. Remove WiFi deadspots at home and get the freedom to work, stream, and game in any room. An internal antenna boosts coverage throughout large homes, and can even provide strong coverage in your backyard.

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. Dentist-recommended device can stop snoring the first night you use it


Sick of snoring? You might not be, but your partner surely is. This class two medical device cleared by the FDA is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. Since snoring is often linked to serious sleep deprivation. Chances are good you’re feeling the negative effects too – like fatigue and stress – but just aren’t realizing it. So why not knock out two birds with one stone by eliminating your snoring for good? That’s exactly what ZQuiet can do for you. It gently moves your jaw forward, getting results in as little as one night. It’s never been easier to wake up rested... and next to a happy partner!

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. Get near studio quality lighting for Zoom meetings and TikTok videos


This lighting will surprise your clients and friends. When you're in an online meeting, most people lack lighting, have a window behind them, or their light shines from above them. These cast shadows and make grainy videos. The OlumiRing directs right from the camera which causes a special effect–which looks like studio lights. Clip this light ring onto your phone, computer, monitor, or even a makeup mirror.

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. Get your makeup done faster, wherever you are


This one is a MUST-have for anyone with a cluttered makeup bag! Alleyoop is a genius multi-brush that includes every essential applicator you’ll need on a daily basis: concealer sponge, blush, angled brow brush, and eyeshadow brush. It’s super compact, saving you tons of space (while guaranteeing you’ll always have the right brush around). Also, it's an award winner on Elle, NewBeauty, and Allure.

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. This device turns you into a native speaker of 36+ languages in seconds

Translator Enence

This genius device turns you into a fluent speaker of 36 languages in seconds. Just click the button, start talking, and it will immediately translate your words into the language of your choice.

It’s perfect if you regularly deal with foreigners at work, enjoy talking to natives in exotic locations or simply want to impress your international business partners next time you meet. Stop paying for expensive translators or fiddle around with overly complicated smartphone apps.

Just hit the button, talk into the device, and no language will be foreign to you anymore.

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. Memory foam seat cushions gives you comfort anywhere


Here is an ergonomically designed seat cushion made out of premium memory foam. It makes any chair so much more comfortable to sit on. It helps position your body correctly to alleviate and prevent pain.

Anyone who sits for work, travel, leisure, ANYTIME, should really think about buying a Klaudena cushion.

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. This memory foam pillow is the solution to neck pain


If you wake up with neck pain, you most likely need a new pillow. Most pillows are not designed to maintain the natural curve of your spine. This results in back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and a morning headache.

What you need is a pillow that relieves that pressure. The Derila Memory Foam Pillow is designed to do just that. Its memory foam structure allows your body to maintain the spine's natural curvature. This takes the pressure away from your upper body which will relieve any pain.

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. National Eczema Association endorses this eczema and acne spray


If you have a skin problem like acne or eczema – or you’re simply prone to nicks and cuts – then you have to try Active Skin Repair! This breakthrough skin repair spray can help your skin naturally heal itself from hundreds of skin problems, from injuries to acne and more. It's a multi-use first aid spray that does the work of 6+ other creams and lotions.

It uses a revolutionary ingredient, HOCl, that hospitals have used for years... but it’s only recently become available in a consumer-friendly version. Every home, office and school first aid kit needs one.

Active Skin Repair is a safe and easy to use spray that's 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It's endorsed by the National Eczema Association, recommended by doctors, and cleared by the FDA as 510(k) medical device.

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. See with a tactical 12X optical zoom


A tiny, super-high quality monocular that fits in a pocket may disrupt your whole view of lenses. It has 12x magnification – that's the same degree of magnification as putting a 600mm lens on your DSLR. This portable lens can be used as a camera lens for your mobile phone or like pocket-size " binoculars." See far away objects clearly, or take quality photos without buying a new, expensive camera.

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. Say goodbye to sweaty, sleepless nights with these temperature-regulating antibacterial bedsheets


Most people don’t know that their blankets are a literal playground for nasty insects, bacteria or viruses. And no matter how often we wash them - some of them refuse to leave. Luckily there’s a solution now - Miracle Sheets. They prevent the growth of odor generating bacteria, are self cleaning and are made of an advanced all-natural cotton fabric that fights 99% of bacteria.

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. This moves that outlet from behind the couch or from anywhere


Is there an outlet in your room that’s hiding behind furniture? Don’t break your back trying to plug in your phone. Relocate any hard to reach outlet with this helpful device. Here's how MagicOutlet works. It first plugs into to your old outlet. It's like a four foot extension cord that works well and is way more practical. This allows it to to relocate outlets within four feet, so you can charge and connect from anywhere in your home.

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. Never forget your reading glasses again


With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses handy! These foldable reading glasses are thin, incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they stick right to the back of your phone, so they’re always there when you need them... and safely tucked away when you don’t! Not only are they pleasant to wear, the glasses are made with premium optical-grade materials that are shatterproof and can withstand TONS of weight and damage — you can even run them over with your car!

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. The all-natural wearable device that reduces anxiety & stress in seconds


When you’re feeling nervous or stressed, what do you do? For most people, the answer is simple: Take a pill… or binge eat… or smoke cigarettes… or do something else unhealthy! Sadly, most of the methods we use to reduce stress are not good for us.

But now there’s a way to reduce your stress quickly and effectively… but instead of pills or unhealthy habits, it’s also healthy – and completely natural! It’s called The Beam, and it uses an ancient, proven technique to encourage deep breathing and calm you down – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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. Revolutionary airflow device soothes migraines


The Migraine Stopper is a portable device that uses a powerful technique called dual neuromodulation to relieve migraines. Created by a chiropractor, it's FDA listed and patented.

Here's how it works: Simply place The Migraine Stopper in one ear (like an earbud) and squeeze the pump to enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from even the strongest migraines! Each pump of air is designed to gently and precisely stimulate two key cranial nerves, which calm down the overactive part of the brain causing your migraine.

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. The eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets everyone is switching to

Laundry Sheets

These non-toxic laundry detergent sheets dissolve instantly in hot or cold water. Powerful cleaning power yet gentle on skin.

These laundry detergent sheets take up less space than traditional detergents, clearing the clutter and eliminating spills. Just use one sheet per regular load and you're done.

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. New safety alarm helps deter attackers without using violence


Hootie is a new personal safety alarm that helps deter attackers without using violence. If she feels at all threatened, she can simply activate Hootie's VERY loud alarm and strobe light to create a diversion. It’s the most effective non-violent way to keep her safe when she’s alone!

  • Piercingly loud 130db alarm attracts attention instantly
  • High-intensity strobe light can be seen from incredible distances, even during daylight
  • Super easy to activate – just pull the activation pin and start drawing attention
  • Comes with replaceable batteries that last for 1 year
  • Each Hootie is sweat resistant and hand-tested
  • Travel-ready – she can take it anywhere!
  • Stylish design with black and white options to choose from

False alarms are easy to turn off, and won’t cause any harm (or legal problems). Give her this simple gift to keep her safe.

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. Lab-tested gadget cleans your food


This gadget removes up to 95 to 99% of pesticides and bacteria. Reviewers have found an improvement in taste by cleaning their veggies too! With only tap water and a little table salt, the AquaPure generates an active solution. This effectively eliminates pesticides and bacteria in an environmentally-friendly way – avoiding the need for irritating or dangerous chemicals.

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. Gloves relieve stiff, swollen, or achy hands


Breathable, copper compression keeps your hands warm and compressed for relief. Contoured fit allows for comfort and prevents slippage. Open finger design allows you to use your hands and your phone normally without limitations. Its breathable, stretchy, light material can be machine washed. Arthrigloves are a unique solution for those who need pain-relief in their hands.

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. Why many are using these toe-dividing socks


These socks may help improve your foot's circulation, thereby relieving swelling and increasing the strength and mobility of your overall foot. And this may be done without the use of surgical procedures, drugs, or orthotics. It's done by using a little known technique of softly spacing your toes. If you can put on a pair of socks, you may start your own journey to freedom from foot pain!

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. Why are thousands of people obsessed with this liquid plastic (and even ditch their super glue for it)?


Bondic is a revolutionary, non-toxic, clear liquid plastic that builds, glues, repairs, and fills just about ANYTHING. Bondic even shines where super glue fails: It works on plastic, wood, metal, textiles, ceramics - heck, you can even use it to fill holes underwater. Just apply the liquid special formula like any old adhesive, shine the UV light on the spot for four seconds... and VOILA: you have a waterproof, weatherproof, rock solid connection!

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. Strange device safely cleans and restores teeth & gums


Engineered to provide a 360° deep clean without causing gum recession and enamel erosion caused by ordinary toothbrushes.

Award-winning anti-bacterial mouthpiece, 3 active power settings to give the optimal pressure and angle to clean every tooth gently and evenly.

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. Always know what’s going on at home, no matter where you are

Security Cam

It’s installed in seconds, rotates 360°, records in HD, and doesn't require wires, batteries, or monthly cloud storage fees. And thanks to its advanced motion tracking, it follows anyone or anything it sees for 360°!

The Nomad Camera connects to your home’s WiFi and you can access it 24/7 through your phone (iOS and Android).

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. "Trick" your brain in total sleep "knockout" in 15 minutes or less


The Sure Sleep Mask "tricks" your mind into falling asleep quickly and easily. It works by putting your brain in a state of pure relaxation using scientifically-proven and lab-tested sounf therapy methods. Users are raving about it, saying it completely eliminated their stress and anxiety when falling asleep. Now, they just put on their Sure Sleep Mask - and 15-20 minutes later, they’re fast asleep.

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. New $40 antenna streams your favorite broadcast channels in full 1080p HD


Get live broadcast HDTV without paying monthly. Over 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air. To start watching TV, you will attach the Novawave antenna to your wall or window, and connect it to your TV with the included coaxial cable (all TVs have this). Start watching live sports, shows, and movies for free — after buying this one device.

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. Cuts cleaning time in half – by scrubbing for you


Synoshi automatically scrubs for you and contains a rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium battery. Say goodbye to hand scrubbing, unnecessary bending, or slouching. Those joints need rest, even during cleaning. Synoshi has been specially designed to get into all the nooks and crannies of your home, removing dirt and making your house sparkle. Use it in the bathroom, cleaning tough to scrub pots, and even can be used on shoes, furniture, and stains.

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. Thinnest phone charger I've ever seen


This lightweight battery (and built-in charging cables) is ready when you need it. Charge your phone anywhere. ChargeCard is just the size of a few stacked credit cards. It's small enough to carry in a wallet or purse and features LED indicators to indicate charging status.

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. Addicting fun for the whole family

Hajimari Spinner

Looking for a way to reduce your kid’s screen time? Then check out the Hajimari. It may look like the silliest thing - but children around all over the country LOVE it. Because of how cool it looks in the dark, the Hajimari even gets them outside. This high-tech spinner floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, returning to you like a boomerang!

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. Protect yourself from spiked drinks


56% of women report having their drinks spiked at least once. NightCap is a portable drink cover that protects your drink from getting spiked. It’s easy to use, discreet, reusable, and irreplaceable when it comes to your safety. NightCap was patented and featured on Shark Tank. Lori Greiner invested in the company and said, "This needs to be in every woman's hands."

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. Breathing resistance device designed for athletic performance


Better Breathing Sport is the world’s first breathing resistance device that is exclusively designed to improve athletic performance long-term. It uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP), a technique that’s been used for decades by pulmonologists to naturally improve breathing for millions of people. The device opens and cleans your airways in less than a minute, making it the perfect pre-exercise routine. The company behind Better Breathing Sport, has a class two medical device certification from the FDA.

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. Ever wondered if your car mechanic is telling you the truth? This device will let you know


Ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic quote you for a bunch of repairs you may not need? FIXD instantly tells you if there’s a problem with your car, how severe it is, and if it's an emergency or not (all in simple and easy to understand terms). No more overpaying for unneeded repairs, know exactly what your car needs with this easy to use device.

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. Insoles provide arch support and impact absorption


Walking on hard concrete and flat surfaces may be tough on our bodies. This shoe insert is designed for anyone with high arches and flat feet. The soft support helps train your foot to strengthen its natural arch without causing the foot to become reliant on support.

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